Abstract Submissions are now CLOSED.


Abstracts are required for all presentations, including posters.

The Abstract should comprise three paragraphs (Title; Authors; and Abstract), laid out as in the following example. Please follow the guidelines below. For oral presentation please underline the presenting author.
Please note a prize will be awarded to the best Student Oral and Poster Presentation

Invertebrate Diversity in South Australia (14 pt Times New Roman)

Author, F. (1) & S. Author (2)
(1) Department of Environmental Biology, Adelaide University, South Australia 5000;
(2) South Australian Museum, Adelaide, South Australia 5000.
(12 pt Times New Roman)
Abstract: Maximum 300 words (12 pt and justified)

Please italicise the Genus species names, and also indicate the kind of organism by including an appropriate common name and/or higher taxon.

Delegates may submit unpublished photographs, drawings or paintings of invertebrates (maximum of 3 per entrant). Entries will be displayed and judged at the Conference. First and Second prizes will be awarded in each category.


Photographic Competition
Category: (1) black & white
(2) colour photographs
Format: mounted prints should
not exceed 20 x 25cm

Illustration Competition
Category: (1) black & white
(2) colour illustrations
Format: mounted whole-body illustrations
should not exceed 21 x 30cm

Each entry must have:
1. Name and postal address of the entrant on the back
2. Category and title of the entry
3. Scientific name of the subject
Entries should be submitted at the time of Registration on Sunday 4 December 2005.

Abstract Submissions are now CLOSED.
SOURCE :: Large Centepede Picture - Family Scolopendridae, Cormocephalus sp. Courtesy of Anne Hastings and Matt Colloff (CSIRO Entomology) ::
:: Small Invertebrate Pictures - Courtesy of Paul Sunnucks (La Trobe University) and Chris Lambkin (CSIRO Entomology) ::
:: Canberra Pictures - www.canberraconvention.com.au ::